About Our Farm

Delivered orders will arrive on 21st December. *REFRIGERATE IMMEDIATELY UNTIL COOKING* (CAN BE FROZEN).”

Welcome to Glebelands Farm!  We are a mixed arable, beef, sheep and poultry farm in East Devon who have specialised in producing Christmas poultry for three generations.

Our family run business has been rearing traditional farm fresh Christmas turkeys, geese and ducks at Glebelands Farm since the early 1940’s. We are proud to provide the general public, butchers and the catering trade with our farm fresh tasty birds.

Our aim has always been to produce the highest quality poultry for your Christmas feast using a blend of traditional and modern techniques.  Our free range Geese and Turkeys graze on our luscious green pastures and our barn reared white turkeys enjoy spacious accommodation.  Both are fed a mix of cereals, some of which are grown on our farm.

Here are some articles from regional magazines about our Farm and Birds:
Exeter Life magazine, Dec 14, pages 40/41
Ex magazine, Dec 14, pages 28/29

Every Tasty Bird comes with a pop-up timer, cooking instructions and recipe book.  Our poultry is delivered to you freshly prepared from Glebelands Farm by an overnight courier, in insulated chilled packaging to keep it tasty and fresh.

No Italian imported turkeys used in our breast rolls, only a Glebelands Farm grown tasty bird!