About Our Birds

Delivered orders will arrive on 21st December. *REFRIGERATE IMMEDIATELY UNTIL COOKING* (CAN BE FROZEN).”

At Glebelands Farm, we rear two types of traditional turkey; free range bronze and barn reared white.  Both arrive from Kelly’s hatchery as day-old chicks in June.  They are selected from eight slow growing strains which, when grown to full maturity, provide a weight range of four and a half kilograms to fourteen kilograms. 

The free range bronze turkeys roam over our green pastures by day and are safely housed away from predators at night.  The barn reared white turkeys live in clean, spacious barns with lots of natural light and are bedded up on straw grown on our farm to keep them clean and happy. Slow growing them to maturity over several months achieves a succulent and full flavoured tasty bird.

Our turkeys and geese are picked by hand then hung for up to fourteen days in our walk-in chillers to enhance their flavour even further.

Our premises is annually independently inspected by DEFRA (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs), MHS (Meat Hygiene Service) and Trading Standards to ensure compliance with welfare standards and Food Hygiene Regulations.

Every tasty bird comes with a pop-up timer, cooking instructions and recipe book.  Our poultry is delivered to you freshly prepared from Glebelands Farm by an overnight courier, in insulated chilled packaging to keep it tasty and fresh.

No Italian imported turkeys used in our breast rolls, only a Glebelands Farm grown tasty bird!